HD – Wedding Cinematography Bali

BALI VIDEO PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL is one of the very few wedding video companies that produces true wedding cinematography Bali. A cinematographic wedding video is a documentary of your wedding day using the same techniques and style as good TV documentary. That includes a multiple camera setup whereby the cameras are not just static tripod mounted cameras but moving cameras on sliders, cranes and also steady cam. Cinematographic wedding videos also make use of special lenses that allow for only a selective area of the image to be sharp and the background rendered in a beautiful blur. Just like in a real movie.

Good wedding cinematography also requires a modern and contemporary style of editing. Our experienced team of video editors will edit your wedding video so that it tells the complete story of your big day in Bali in cinematographic way. That means showing what has happened during the day from different perspectives and in highly entertaining manner. All our cinematographic Bali wedding videos are edited on the latest, most powerful video editing workstations. That allows our team to edit your video quickly so that you do not need to wait for months to see and share your big day in Bali.

Another vital component of a cinematic wedding video is music and sound. We bring a set of high quality microphones that are strategically positioned to capture all the sound and speech during your wedding with perfect clarity. Of course we also allow you to select your own music.

When all these components are combined you will get true wedding cinematography. Your wedding video can be shared at home with your family on your large HD TV. Or online for friends to admire from the comfort of their computer, tablet or smartphone.

We always meet with our client before the wedding to discuss various aspects relating to the video. This will ensure that we know what is going to happen and that we can capture the best possible footage. We also welcome your special requests and will provide a few suggestions on how you can prepare yourself for a perfect cinematographic wedding video.

In the following please find several Bali wedding videos shot with multiple High Definition HD cameras.

Mel & Jeff

When Mel contacted me about her wedding video for the first time she made it absolutely clear that a conventional wedding video was not was she was after. She advised that she wanted a truly cinematographic documentation of her wedding day. Moving cameras, crane mounted cameras, beautiful shots with deep background blur and crystal clear sound recording – that was her brief. She told me that she is in doubt whether in Bali she can find a company that can meet her expectations. So she was also considering to fly a team of wedding videographers in from Australia. But when I showed her our HD wedding videos and our unbeatable prices she signed up with us.

Our client wanted a lot of slow motion sequences and also footage of their fire dancers and other things happening in the evening. Therefore we used a RED cam, which is the same camera used to film the last James Bond movie. This camera allowed us to shoot super slow motion and also under very challenging low light conditions.

The resulting video speaks for itself.

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Sherina & Jeff

Our client intentions for their Bali wedding video were very modest. Their grandparents could not travel to Bali. So they wanted to have a wedding video that gave their grandparents and other family members an idea about their wedding Bali. Consequently they did not want to spend big for their Bali wedding video. Sherina was pleasantly surprised when she learned that we here at BALI VIDEO PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL could do an HD video  documentation on a budget. For this video we only deployed on HD video camera and also one DSLR video camera. And we spent only less than 3 hours on location to film the material for this HD video. Sherina and Jeff told me they were not expecting much… But when they saw the final movie for the first Sherina wrote me that what we had created was far beyond her expectations and that she completely loved the video which she immediately shared with all her friends via Facebook and other social media.  Click here to see also their photographs.

Tash & Kaine

The Bali wedding video of Tash and Kaine is very dear to our heart. It represents a turning point in our career. This is because our team of Bali videographers for the first time used new techniques and gear in the creation of this video.  Filmed and edited in stunning HD !  We filmed for over 6 hours on location.

Nicola & Noel

This lovely couple from Australia told us they wanted to have a unobtrusive team of Bali videographers to document their big day in Bali. During the shoot we positioned our cameras in such a way the we were almost invincible and our work did not interfere with the proceedings of this wedding. Unfortunately it was raining throughout the whole day and late into the night. However that was not an obstacle for us because we are prepared for such adverse conditions.  We even bring backup cameras in case a camera would get wet and fail. With a team of 3 camera men and 2 assistants we filmed from 15.00h until 22.00h. The couple was a bit upset about the rain on the day but when they saw the video for the first time they exclaimed: “Oh it looks like it was not that bad after all…. “

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