Bali Wedding Video in true HD and with RED camera

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Bali Wedding Video

We are particularly proud of this Bali wedding video because: not only was it an outstanding wedding but also because this is the first wedding video in Bali that was shot with a RED video camera. Let me explain briefly: Most weddings videos nowadays are shot with either DSLR cameras or with dedicated HD video cameras. In the hands of an experienced videographer this will normally yield excellent results. However for the very best Bali Wedding video quality one can go a notch higher and use a RED cam. RED cam is a video camera usually used for feature films and high-end advertisements. Very few wedding videographers use RED cams because they are bulky and more importantly very expensive – typically a RED cam with several high-quality lenses will cost in excess of 50.000 USD. We are very fortunate to have two RED cams in our arsenal. This is because one of our principals is also much sought-after film director for commercials in Indonesia – which he usually shoots with RED cam equipment. The main strength of this camera when used in a wedding are extreme slow motion shots – I am sure you all love the fire-dancers slow-motion shots and the flower-shower slow motion shots. It also allows shooting in extreme low light when other cameras would only shoot pure black… πŸ™‚

For this video we also used a crane-mounted camera, steady cam and sliders. All of which allow for very visually outstanding shots as you can see them throughout this film.

The filming on the day was coordinated by Irvin Shuster, our boss and we had another 4 videographers and 2 more helpers on location.

The groom Jeff and his bride Mel were a breeze to work with and the whole wedding was a fabulous event.

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Thank you – Angelique

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